Warm Up With Our
Winter Specials!

Keep your family safe with Trellidor. Our doors are open so that you can lock down securely this winter.

We have some hot seasonal specials to take the edge off the chill. Contact your nearest Trellidor outlet for a free quote.

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Winter specials for all Trellidor customers!

We know that the lockdown has put many people under financial strain. But you still need to feel safe at home. This is particularly important now that some people are returning to work, leaving their children at home, while others continue to work at home.

To make it easier on your budget, we have some excellent winter specials on offer. Call us to find out what how you can get great value for money when you order your Trellidor security barriers.

Why Trellidor?

At Trellidor we believe that every peace-loving citizen has the right to be safe at home and at work. This is why we don’t compromise when it comes to security.
It’s also the reason why for 40 years our focus has been providing customers with trustworthy security barriers, manufactured to the highest standards the technology of the time allows.

Over 40 Years In The Industry

Stop criminals from getting into your home or business with high quality security gates, doors, burglar bars and more. Contact us for a quote today.